Intex Rubber & Specialty
Rubber Hose
"Providing Sealing Solutions Since 1984"
Since opening our doors in 1984, Intex Rubber & Specialty has been
providing quality service and products to our customers. Our
family-owned business offers a wide variety of industrial hoses, including
rubber, PVC and metal. We stock a generous selection of hose fittings and
couplings of all types.

Intex Rubber carries various types of rubber gasket material as well as
non-asbestos, Teflon, expanded Teflon and grafoil gasketing. We also
provide gaskets cut from a variety of materials to fit any need. Spiral
wound gaskets are also available.

Intex Rubber & Specialty has been providing both rubber and metal flex
connectors to the construction and semi-conductor industry for two

We also offer both Teflon and graphite pump packing in a variety of sizes
to meet your sealing needs.

The "Specialty" in our name tells our customer that we offer those "hard to
find" products.

At Intex Rubber, we value our customers. We provide same day shipping
on most products and represent the top hose fittings, gasketing, and
specialty product manufacturers in the world.

Call with any technical questions concerning your applications.  We want
to help!
Intex Rubber and Specialty Incorporated
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