FT Series
Heavy Duty PVC Food Grade Material
Handling Hose For dry or liquid applications

General Applications:

  • Pneumatic conveying systems for
    powder, pellets or granular materials.
  • Transfer of liquid or dry dairy products.
  • Fish processing equipment.
  • Syrup and juice transfer.
  • Poultry cleaning operations.
  • Wine making.

★ Service life may vary depending on
operating conditions and type of material
being conveyed.

FDA - CFR Title 21 Parts 170 to 199.

USDA - For use in Federally-inspected meat
and poultry plants.

3-A Sanitary Standard - No. 20-20, Multi-use
plastic materials as product contact surfaces
in equipment for production, processing and
handling of milk and milk products.

Sizes: 1"- 4"
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