Application :
  • Discharge of dry powders under low
  • Pneumatic transfer of dry materials and
    abrasive slurries.

Cover :
Black conductive SBR/NR blend - abrasion and
ozone resistant.

Reinforcement :
Spiralled high tensile textile cords.

Tube :
1/4" thick black static conducting natural rubber,
compounded to resist cutting by abrasive materials.

Temperature Range :
-22 °F to 176 °F

Coupling Suggestions :
Cam and groove, pin lug, short shank couplings or
combination nipples attached with single bolt,
double bolt, wire or band type clamps.

Excessive bending during operation may cause
premature wear.

Size: 4"
T763 Heavy Weight Dry Powder Delivery Hose
T720 FDA Grade Material Handling Hose
Suction or discharge of wet or dry abrasive
*Suitable for handling materials for human

Green SBR/EPDM blend- abrasion and
ozone resistant.

Spiralled high tensile textile cords, with 4
highly flexible steel helix wires and static wire.

3/16" thick white natural rubber. Meets FDA

Temperature Range:
-30 °F to 185 °F

Sizes: 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4"
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