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This gasketing is a compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket material produced
from a combination of aramid and other synthetic fibers and bonded with nitrile
rubber (NBR). It is manufactured through the hot calendar ISO-9001 certification.

This gasketing is a very good general service gasket material that has numerous
applications in the process industries and in the water and waste water industry.
It is also commonly used in equipment such as valves and pumps.

Temperature Limits: Maximum 750°F (400°C)
                   Continuous Max 460°F (240°C)

Pressure Limits (Vacuum): Maximum 1595 psi (110 bar)
                               Continuous Max 725 psi (50 bar)

ASTM Line Call Out: F104 F712120E22M5  


ASTM Test Method                            
Property                              Value

-                                                  Density                       109 lb/ft3 (1.75 gm/cc)
F36                                              Compressibility                        7-17%
F36                                                Recovery                            min 45%

F38 Tensile Strength Across Grain    1670 psi                         (11.5 N/mm2)
F495                                              Ignition Loss                         max 34%

F146                      Thickness  Increase After 5 Hour Immersion  
         ASTM IRM 903 @300°F (150°C)                            max 12%
         ASTM Fuel B @77°F (25°C)                                 max 10%

F146                      Weight Increase After 5 Hour Immersion  
         ASTM IRM 903 @300°F (150°C)                         max 15%
         ASTM Fuel B @77°F (25°C)                              max 15%

F38                                                Creep Relaxation                    25%
              Torque Retention (DIN 52913)                          28 N/mm2
F37                                             Sealability at 1000 psi            0.25 ml/h

Thickness: 1/64", 1/32", 1/16", 1/8"
Size: 60"X 60"
Compressed Non- Asbestos Gasketing
Expanded Teflon Gasketiing
★ Expanded teflon gaskets resist acids and alkalies (except
molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine), salts, water,
steam, grease, oil, and detergents.

Range is –450° to +600° F. Color is white.

★ Made of 100% expanded-PTFE for greater compressibility
than PTFE,

Thickness: 1/16", 1/8"
Size: 59"X 59"
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