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Thermofit Ducting Sealant
(Thermofit Wrap around Duct Band)
★TWDB is a hot applied duct sealing tape
composed of heat-shrinkable backing with a
heat resistant pressure sensitive, non-drip
adhesive and a closure patch.

★Two-layer system:
★First Layer: Copolymer Adhesive
★Second Layer: Thick-walled,
radiation-cross-linked, high
density polythylene.

TWDB is installed using propane gas torches.
The ducts are assebled and raised into position
after installation. The tape is wrapped around
the ducts where joined, a closure is then
applied, allowing the tape to essentially form a
tube or band around the joint. When heated in
excess of 120 °C or 250 °F, the tape shrinks
tightly around the substrate of the joint area.
During recovery, the adhesive softens and flows
to form a tenacious bond with the substrate and
to fill the irregularities such as the interlocking
seams. The bond strength builds up during cool
down and is fully retained after completion of the
job. Mechanically strong, pressure tight seals
are provided.

3"X 165 ft.
4"x 165 ft.
Wrapped, heat-shrinkable tapes used for
corrosion protection of pipe bends and also
for small diameter straight pipes in
distribution networks.
Multi wrap construction.

Semi-crystalline mastic sealant.

Flexible, radiation cross-linked, low density

The installation is carried out directly on the
cleaned and prepared pipe surface without
any primer. The carrier is heated and shrinks
tightly around the substrate, while, the
sealing adhesive melts and is forced into all
surface irregularities, forming a thorough
coating and a complete bond with the

3"X 50 ft.
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